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The Most common queries


How is EZBRAID different from other Brands?

EZBRAID is different from other brands because we truly care about our customers. We are the only company that invented our products with the safety of natural hair included and with thinking of ways to make the braiding process easier.

What does anti-bacterial mean?

Antibacterial means our fibers fights against bacteria to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria that can lead to scalp infections, hair loss and many other skin related diseases.

What are the benefits of the hair being pre-stretched?

Pre-Stretched hair saves time and makes the braiding process easier by eliminating the process of stretching the hair. It also provides a more natural look by giving the end of the braids a tapered look.

Can it be used for sensitive scalps?

Yes, EZBRAID is perfect for sensitive scalps because we leave the harmful chemicals out.

Is it safe to use for kids?

EZBRAID is safe for kids of all ages since safe ingredients are used in the making. This prevents allergic reactions and is great for sensitive scalps. (100% PVC Free)

What all type of synthetic hair do you provide?

We offer braiding hair, Loose Crochet hair in different curly patterns, Crochet Box Braids, Crochet Senegalese Twist, and also Crochet Bohemian Locs.

What type of fiber is the hair created from?

The fiber we use is Spetra's fiber. Spetra produces the cleanest and safest fiber specialized for synthetic hair. Spetra is the only manufacturer that has patented the antibacterial fiber technology for hair in the USA.

Where can I purchase the hair? Can it be purchased online?

You can purchase EZBRAID hair from your local beauty supply stores and many online stores as well. Just be aware of imitated counterfeits.

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