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SPETRA Specialized Braiding Salon

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Selim, a provider of anti-bacterial SPETRA fiber, partnered with a braider to open a new salon in Arlington, Texas on November 13th that only uses braiding hair made of SPETRA fiber. The official name of the salon opened this time is ‘Spetra Specialized Tha Juan braid and loc Shop’, a combination of SPETRA and the name of the braider.

The first braiding salon that specializes in products based on Spetra fiber.

The salon has an inviting space with its bright colored walls of orange and solid wood. It offers a minimalistic yet sleek atmosphere for customers to comfortably stay while they are being braided.

In addition, for privacy-conscious clients, it is divided into four rooms so that clients can be attended to while not sacrificing space. It is the birth of the first braiding salon that specializes in products based on Spetra fiber, which is also equipped with hair care equipment and total hair care services.

Lucky heroine no.1

Selim chose the method of supporting excellent braiders in order to improve the quality of the outdated braiding beauty service. Director Juanika Hulen is a professional braider with 11 years of experience. She has been using EZBRAID, made of Spetra fiber, mainly because she was fascinated by Spetra's function to keep the braider's hands safe and Itch-free. She provided a lot of advice and ideas for Spetra fiber to be a game changer in the braiding hair market. As a reward for her dedication, Selim has financed the entire opening of her salon and transferred ownership of the salon to Juanika.

Spetra supports the dreams of braiders

The biggest dream for most braiders who start their business from home is to have their own salon.

Selim plans to strive to expand the base of use of Spetra by helping and supporting Braiders to achieve their dreams. They are trying to create an environment in which braiders can focus solely on their services, such as providing financial support for the overall opening as well as continuous provision of promotional materials produced by Spetra. In addition, they plan to prove Spetra's stability and eco-friendliness by collecting used Spetra fiber products that can be recycled in the long term and producing upcycled products with new values.

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