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It's our passion.

It's what we do.

It's what we love.

In 2019, EZBRAID created a National Braider's Day (8/8) to acknowledge the hundreds and thousands of braiders across this country for their work and talents. To go along with the National Braider's Day, we also created a hashtag, #iamabraider (trademarked), to help represent the pride of the braiders have. 
So, EZBRAID is rooting for every braider who loves EZBRAID.

In addition, we call them EZBRAIDERS



is a campaign that EZBRAID created to celebrate and support the efforts and talents of braiders.

EZBRAID is working on a donation and support project for the development of braiders under a campaign slogan called #iamabraider.  For support inquiries about the development of braiders, please contact us at

EZBRAID supports groups or organizations of braiders.


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