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Birmingham Alabama Braiding Class of Braid Boss

Houston Braids Training Center is Houston’s most affordable braiding school.

Donae Madison, who is the owner of Houston Braids Training Center, opened a braiding class in Birmingham, Alabama on August 7th 2021. August 8th was National Braider’s Day which EZBRAID to acknowledge the hundreds and thousands of braiders across this country for their work and talents in 2019. EZBRAID also started working on a donation and support project for the development of braiders under a campaign slogan called #iamabraider from this year.

Alabama was Donae’s hometown. She wanted to transfer braiding skills and to help people be braiders. EZBRAID supported her dedication and tried to help future braiders, celebrating National Braider’s Day with them. EZBRAID donated hair products for the class and a $200 scholarship for 5 students.

In addition, EZBRAID promised them that EZBRAID would provide them with $500 worth of products on the recommendation of Houston Braiding Training Center when they open their own salon.

It was the happy National Braider’s Day for EZBRAID, teachers, and students.

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