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BacktoSchool Event with Chrissy's Salon and Spa

Over the weekend from August 12th - 13th, EZBRAID sponsored an event with Chrissy's Salon and Spa, located in Arlington, TX. We supplied the salon with free hair and gel products to make sure every child that came to get their hair done could do so without any issues. Chrissy and her assistant, Ashley, managed a team with two other Braiders to be able to service the community in Arlington as families prepare their children for returning to school.

When you enter the salon, you're met with a table covered with snacks and drinks for the kids to enjoy while they get their hair braided. All of these were supplied by Chrissy and Ashley who wanted to make the event as comfortable as possible for students and their families. Small details like this really make the difference during the experience for kids who have trouble sitting in the same place for long periods of time.

Each student, depending on their hair type, took around half an hour to an hour for their hair session. It also mattered if they had a hairstyle in mind beforehand. With free events like this, Chrissy and Ashley wanted to make sure students could all be attended to which meant focusing on styles that require the least amount of braids and focusing on jumbo style box braids. Parents were appreciative and happy to be able to have their kids get their hair done quickly and without fuss.

Each braider came prepared with their equipment, and of course, plenty of hair and gel provided by EZBRAID. Even though the flyer posted by Chrissy's salon asked for students to come with their hair already washed, some students still came with their hair needing further attention. This didn't phase the braiders working the event. They took their time to make sure the student's hair was washed and blow-dried to be ready for the braiding session. All the while, each braider made sure to make the parents and child comfortable by making pleasant conversation. It was apparent these braiders cared deeply about their community as much as they love their work in the salon. As mothers themselves, they understood the hard work and often extra effort it took for children to feel truly ready and confident to start the school year when it comes to their hair. To their pleasant surprise, families were gifted swag bags filled with hair care goodies to take home and given proper tips on how to help maintain their child's hair.

Events like this offer a way for people in the Dallas local community to feel supported through culture and hair. At EZBRAID, we hope to continue fostering relationships with places that emphasize giving back to the community.

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