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National Braider's Day with Dallas Wings

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

We celebrated our third annual, National Braider's Day with Dallas Wings this year on August 8th, 2023. This collaboration with Dallas Wings brought an amazing opportunity for people throughout the Dallas metroplex (5,193 people total) to not only come see the game between Dallas Wings and Las Vegas Aces, but also enjoy the various vendors showcasing their brands. EZBRAID stood out noticeably amongst the many vendors with their pink National Braider's Day shirts and bright, cheery faces!

EZBRAID staff prepared a historically large inventory of t-shirts and hair samples so that they could connect and give out as many hair samples as possible that day. Many people passing by were curious about National Braider's Day and the colorful hair samples displayed. When informed that our products are itch-free and antibacterial, people would spread the word to their families and return to the table for more samples! EZBRAID seemed to be a fan favorite!

Thanks to the sponsorship with Dallas Wings, we were able to celebrate National Braider's Day with 21 braiders who were invited to come to the game to show their #braiderpride and celebrate even on-screen during half-time parts of the game! It was heartwarming to see the crowd cheering for the braiders posing happily together on screen and getting recognition for their artistry. Dallas Wings gave braiders a special shout-out for National Braider's Day by having famous players like Satou Sabally describe why braiding is so special to them.

"Happy National Braider's Day! Shoutout to my girl Britney who always gets my rows right. My favorite playing style," Satou said on camera.

This year's celebration of braiders felt extra special with the support of a WNBA affiliated team like Dallas Wings, and the opportunity to mingle with the DFW community who enjoy hair as much as we do! At EZBRAID, we want to focus on not just our customers who love our hair, but also the hardworking braiders who work with our products. It's braiders who give life to impeccable style creations with our hair!

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